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Hillwood Popculture: the Fads of Hillwood City


There’s lots to do when you’re in Hillwood City.  The list below is just some of the things the citizens of Hillwood City like to do for fun. 


  • Slausen’s ice cream (e.g. April Fool’s Day)
  • Yahoo Soda (e.g. Stinky goes Hollywood)
  • Chez Paris (e.g. Arnold’s Valentine)
  • Chez Pierre (e.g. Arnold’s Valentine)
  • Chocolate turtles (e.g. Chocolate turtles)
  • Sugar Chunks cereal (e.g. The List)

Physical Activities

  • Football (e.g. New bully on the block)
  • Baseball (e.g. 24 hours to live)
  • Biking (e.g. Gerald’s secret)
  • Swimming (e.g. Synchronized swimming)
  • Basketball (e.g. Benchwarmer)
  • Fishing (e.g. Big Caesar)
  • Ice hockey (e.g. Snow)
  • Throwing frisbees (e.g. Timberly loves Arnold)

Places to hang out

There is a map of Hillwood City drawn by Steve Lowtwait which you can see here.  Thank the creators of the HA! fansite “Arnold’s Eyes” for uploading that picture on their site.

  • Gerald’s field (e.g. The vacant lot)
  • Mighty Pete (e.g. Save the tree)
  • P.S. 118 (e.g. Teacher’s strike)
  • The boarding house (e.g. Sally’s comet)
  • Avon movie theaters (e.g. Jamie O. in love)
  • The Kiska movie theaters (e.g. The List)
  • Dinoland (e.g. Hookey)
  • Skate Time rollerskating rink (e.g. Helga’s boyfriend)
  • The aquarium (e.g. Field trip)
  • Quigley Field baseball field (e.g. Hookey)
  • Hillwood City Zoo (e.g. Timberly loves Arnold)
  • Elk Island (e.g. Wheezin’ Ed)
  • Circle Theater (e.g. The old building)
  • Civic Opera (e.g. What’s opera, Arnold?)
  • Arcade (e.g. Teacher’s strike)
  • The bowling alley (e.g. Coach Wittenberg)


  • Nancy Spumoni boots (e.g. Arnold’s Christmas)
  • It Girl clothing (e.g. It girl)

T.V. Shows

  • Z-files (e.g. Jamie O. in love)
  • Pop Daddy (e.g. Chocolate turtles)
  • UFO Tonight (e.g. Arnold’s Halloween)
  • The Abdicator (e.g. Eugene goes bad)
  • Wrestle Mania (e.g. Buses, bikes, and subways)
  • Fighting Families (e.g. Fighting families)
  • Babe Watch (e.g. Summer love)
  • Physician’s Hospital soap opera show (e.g. The beeper queen)
  • “The Wheel” (e.g. Helga’s Parrot)
  • Revis and Jackie Lee’s talk show (e.g. Stinky goes Hollywood)
  • Dance Craze (e.g. The List)


  • Dino Spumoni (e.g. Dino checks out)
  • MJazz (e.g. Sally’s comet)
  • Moonlight Bay (e.g. Gerald’s tonsils)
  • Ronny Matthews (e.g. Pre-teen scream)
  • Ray Doppel of Dinomania (e.g. Dino checks out)
  • Don Reynolds lyrics writer (e.g. Partners)

Special Events

  • Soapbox car racing (e.g. Grand prix)
  • Rhonda’s parties (e.g. Cool party)
  • School dances (e.g. April Fool’s Day)
  • Cheese festival (e.g. Love and cheese)
  • Annual City Farming Faire (e.g. Stinky’s pumpkin)
  • Tour de pond motorized boat competition (e.g. Tour de pond)

If you can think of more things that can be added, please feel free to write a comment to this post.



  1. For fashion, maybe Rhonda’s glasses, or her “busted” high heels (Rhonda’s Broke), or her animal fur scarf and her mother’s fur coat (Curly’s Girl)? 🙂

  2. Also, for T.V Shows, in the episode Eugene Goes Bad, the 3rd grade little boy who looked up to Eugene, had said his favorite show was Yo Arnis (Based on Hey Arnold), right before his 8:30 bedtime. 🙂

    Also for T.V Shows Wrestle Mania and that soap opera show Big Bob watched in The Beeper Queen episode.

  3. Lastly, for T.V Shows is Fighting Families, that family game show Arnold and the borders competed in.

    Also, Babe Watch in Summer Love episode, where Arnold/Helga guest starred on.

  4. Great analysis! You’re trying to organize what we know about Hillwood — it’s very interesting.

    I remember there was also a movie theater (“Kiska” if I’m not mistaken), the Circle Theater, and Civic Opera. We also could mention Arcades.

    And Elk Island seems like a cool place too.

    Hey Squirreltamer, are you here? We need Tendra, and you know what I’m talking about!

  5. I’m pretty sure some variant of Wheel of Fortune is on. In “Helga’s Parrot” and in another episode, he kept complaining about how he wanted to watch “Wheel” but he wasn’t able to due to distractions.

  6. What about Revis and Jackie Lee’s talk show?

    And if you mention Dino Spumoni, you shouldn’t forget Ray Doppel.

  7. I remember there is a TV show mentioned entitled “Dance Craze” in the HA! episode “The List”.

    What about the cereal boxes (“Sugar Chunks” I think?) was used to get a telescope in “Sally’s Comet”?
    “Sugar Chunks” was also mentioned in “The List” episode.

  8. Thanks for the input, guys! Haha, the list is getting so long I might have to split this into two or more posts!

    – Tendra

  9. If I’m not mistaken, they have two radio stations: MJZZ (Heat”, “Snow”, “Sally’s Comet) and KDUDE (“Mr. Hyunh Goes Country”), but just one radio DJ — Nashville Ned.

    What about the car show in “Grandpa’s Packard” episode?

  10. There was the annual Food Festival, in which Arnold faced off against Seymour (a.k.a. the Disposal) and won the “Eating Contest.”

    There’s a place to eat called Mr. Chicken that serves halibut on top of pancakes in “Arnold saves Sid.”

    The annual Chinese Checkers tournament in “Steely Phil.”

    It sounds absurd, but apparently Hillwood has at least one Organ Grinder with his own dancing monkey. As seen in “Monkey Business.” I suppose it’s something to do in Hillwood if you can go see him…

    The City Day Parade, is another annual(?) event that could be listed. As mentioned in “Runaway Float.”

    Of course, how could we forget the reenactment’s on Elf Island? More specifically the Pig War from the “Pig War” episode.

    I’m not sure if it counts as a special event, but there -is- always Trashcan Day from the episode “The Longest Monday.”

  11. What about Vito’s Pizza? If I remember correctly, I remember seeing it in a scene of “Cool Jerk.” Of course, I watched so many episodes in a row a few days ago and only wrote down the name of the pizza place, so the episode might be wrong.

    Yumburger was in a scene of “Tutoring Torvald.” It was a fictitious scene, but oh well, I digress.

    And Joe’s [Burger and Fries] was in “Cool Jerk.” It’s where Arnold and Frankie G. went to eat.

    They also have an annual Easter day parade, which was mentioned in “School Dance.”

    Helga also watches the Clampets (a spoof of the Beverly Hillbillies and something else that I can’t currently remember the name of). She mentioned it to Mr. Simmons after he asked her why she was talking as if she thought all southern people talked ‘that way’ in “Aptitude Test.”

    And she watches Court TV (owned by Viacom), which she mentioned to Arnold in “Vacant Lot.”

    Timberly also mentions Power Rangers in “Gerald Comes Over.” She also said, “Morph the Power Suckers!” But I don’t know how exactly that connects with her also saying she was, “Timberly: the pink power ranger.”

  12. What about Wally the alligator from “Ransom”? It seems to be a major franchise in Hillwood:

    Wally loves you — all you little girls and boys
    Wally loves you — and he loves it when you buy his toys
    He loves to see your happy faces
    So buy his sheets and pillowcases
    Buy his ribbons for your hair
    And buy his fuzzy underwear
    Buy a Wally salad spinner
    Eat a Wally TV dinner
    Tell your dad to tell your mom
    To buy a Wally CD-ROM
    Wally loves you — all you little girls and boys
    Wally loves you — and he loves it when you buy his toys

  13. Educational institutions:

    Madame Bovary’s dance (?) school for boys (“Ransom”)

    Madame Parvenu’s finishing school (“Polishing Rhonda”)

  14. A place to hang out: Tina Park

    In the Road Trip episode Miriam instead of a map takes a “Welcome To Wanky Land” poster. Probably this Wanky Land is Dinoland’s rival.

    I’m not sure… Would anybody want to go to YMAA gym? (“Fighting Families”)

    In “Dangerous Lumber” we can see “City Batting Cages”. Nice place for practice.

    Where to eat:

    – Mr. Hyunh’s restaurant: “El Patio” (BTW, it’s located in front of Helga’s house)
    – Mickey Kaline’s “Mickey’s Dog Pound” (“Dangerous Lumber”)
    – The Donut Café (Helga visited it with policemen on Career Day)
    – Steak House (the place where Big Bob had a stroke in “Big Bob’s Crisis”)… Okay, maybe we should not go there.

  15. Hellerick: Wanky Land was also mentioned in “False Alarm.” The pencil that is crucial to the plot of the episode is from Wanky Land. Also, they go to the YMAA gym for the April Fool’s Day dance and if I remember correctly is was where the dance was held in “6th Grade Girls.” And the information about El Patio’s location is very helpful to me, so thanks.

    Tendra: Where it says school dances, it should also list the episodes, “School Dance” and “6th Grade Girls,” not just “April Fool’s Day.”

    Oh, and I have a correction for my previous comment: I’m actually not sure which episode the annual Easter day parade was mentioned in, but it was mentioned in one of them — I wish could remember…

  16. Don’t miss the next regular events:

    – Annual Frog-catching Contest.
    – Fishing Contest
    – Eating Contest
    – Pig War


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