Posted by: Tendra | April 25, 2009

Drawing Stinky’s Head: Basic Proportions (3/4 View)

Who knew that the simpleton who loved lemon puddin’ so dearly could be so easy to draw?  Here are a few basic facial proportions you should keep in mind when drawing Stinky:

  • His face is basically a rectangle: the width of his face is 1/4 the height of his head.
  • The bottom 1/4 of his face forms his neck
  • The height and width of his nose is 1/4 the height of his head
  • The width of his ear is 1/16 the height of his head, while the height of his ear is 5/16 the height of his head
  • The bottom of his eyes touch the horizontal-midline of his head


The next steps are to add his hair (which is within the rectanglar outline), mouth, minor details to the eyes and ears, and erase any guidlines you used.  Now that you have these drawing tips in mind, you can draw Stinky like crazy!  (Like the way I did.)




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