Posted by: Tendra | May 2, 2009

The Brainy Gag

-Wheeze wheeze-  POW!  -thud-

That is, without a doubt, the classic Brainy gag.  You’d think that a guy named Brainy would be smart enough not to sneak up on Helga like that…

Helga's love potion

Common Characteristics

  • Brainy is typically found sneaking up behind Helga
  • Poor Brainy always gets hurt somehow; usually it’s a smack between the eyes by one of Helga’s fist (it’s usually her left fist)
  • If you hear wheezing behind your back, you should immediately know that it’s Brainy.  Brainy always wheezes when he’s sneaking up on his crush.
  • Helga is usually alone before Brainy appears
  • Brainy usually shows up while Helga is thinking about Arnold, be it in the form of a soliloquy or just one of her lovesick swoons
  • Helga’s mood whenever Brainy sneaks up behind her tends to be that of annoyance and/or anger; she never seems to care that she created a wheezing mess on the floor


  1. It should also be noted, that both Helga and Brainy are quite accustomed to this situation. Sometimes Helga waits for Brainy to appear to punch him, and Brainy hurts himself when Helga forgets to do it.

  2. My friends and I tend to do that gag!
    For example: I’ll mention one of my weird school stalkers, and one of my friends will start the Brainy breathing, and I’ll reply with a (fake) punch XD


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