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Arnold: “Did… you hear something just now?” 

(Only the sound of Helga finding out that you just screwed her over, Arnold.)

Gerald: “Nope.”

Downtown as Fruits

Common Characteristics

– Whenever Helga finds out that Arnold is, in some way, responsible for putting her in a bad situation (e.g. such as getting her chased by a large angry mob in “Arnold’s Halloween”), she will fiercely scream Arnold’s name out in the open – so loud that it echoes and can even be heard across Hillwood City!

– In this gag, Arnold may or may not know that he is responsible for Helga’s misfortune. 

– The not-good-for-Helga ploys that Arnold carries out in these gags are usually done with Gerald, and the plan is usually Arnold or Gerald’s.

– Helga usually throws both her fists in the air as she shouts.  Nobody better be in her way or POW!

– Lucky for Arnold (and Gerald), he isn’t with Helga when she has just been given the bad news. 

– As Helga’s shout echoes through the air, the scene usually zooms out to a larger scenery (e.g. to outside of P.S. 118 in “Downtown as Fruits”), then immediately switches to Arnold and Gerald.

– It is usually Arnold, out of the many people, who happens to hear Helga’s fury.  One HA! fan, Seraphimkiss, once said she interprets it as proof that Arnold and Helga are soul mates because he intuitively knows that Helga just yelled at him. 

– Upon hearing Helga’s scream, Arnold usually asks Gerald if he heard it as well.  The line he usually asks is: “Did… you hear something just now?”  The “did” part is usually stretched out (i.e. saying “diiiiid” instead of “did”).  I just chose to use ellipsis (…) instead of writing additional “i’s” for the “did” part simply for aesthetic reasons.

– In response to Arnold’s question, Gerald always answers “no”.  What, nobody else heard it?

– There have been rare instances where it is Gerald hears Helga’s scream, and not Arnold.  And the Gerald x Helga shippers go wild.

Arnold's Halloween

Examples of when the “ARNOOOLD!! Gag” is Used

  • “Downtown as Fruits”
  • “Arnold’s Halloween”

If you see any more episodes that have this gag, please feel free to write a comment to this post and let me know!



  1. yep

  2. When Helga leaves that voice mail for Arnold when she has a cavity, and she calls Arnold to confess her love for him, while she on laughing gas. She’s holding the phone after she leaves the message, people laughing at her, and she screams, then Arnold who’s walking on the sidewalk across the city was like “Did you hear something just now?”

  3. This is one of the many reasons why “Arnold’s Halloween” is my second favorite episode (first being “Arnold’s Thanksgiving” – I cannot watch that episode enough).


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