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Update Notice

Hi all,

I want to thank all those who have visited this site.  You guys are the best!  However, what I’m going to say next is not going to be the greatest.  This is just a notice that there will be no update next week (May 17, 2009) because I’ll be writing exams.  (Whee.)  I apologize for that in advance and again, thank all those who have visited this site.  But don’t worry, updates will resume as normal the week after that (May 24, 2009) with a new post, layout, and a new page with all the past featured fanworks.  See you then!

– Tendra

P.S. As stated in the “About” section of this page, if anyone wants to contribute to this site and write a post themselves about HA!, they can do so by registering a WordPress account and then notifying me of the email address they used for their account so that I can add them as a contributing author.  Contact me via my email ( or just writing a comment on this site.  (WordPress works just like any other blog.)  Anyhoo, thanks for reading!



  1. The link you have provided does not work. It says:

    Error 404 – File Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    You might want to put http:// in front of That might solve the problem because it’s treating the link as if it’s a part of this website… and if it’s to, then it’s technically not a part of *this* website.

    I can probably contribute. I don’t know if I’ll contribute as often as you though seeing as I have other fandoms I follow (NCIS, Avatar, Life with Derek, and most recently the Jimmy Neutron spin-off Planet Sheen) and sometimes my inspiration for wanting to write something tends to lean more often toward fanfiction, but there are those rare moments when it’s something referring to an opinion about things used in a television show I watch (usually brought on by reading other people of the fandom’s opinions, but not always). In fact, I’ve already written a few opinionated thoughts for Hey Arnold!, Avatar, and Life with Derek over the last few years. Some of them are about Lila, Rhonda, Mr. Simmons, etc.

    Three questions:

    Will it have to be in a similar format to how you write yours?

    Where do you get screencaps? I’ve seen screencaps here that have been impossible to find anywhere else (even after attempting a Google image search, still nothing).

    And finally, can what is posted here also be posted on another site? I haven’t really planned to post anything I may write for this site (as they are topics for my personal) to Hillwood City, but I do have an opinion section on my personal website ( where I had already been planning to post most of what I have already written.

    Anyway, I believe I signed up a long time ago at, to activate the Akismet plug-in in my WordPress installs, if is what you are actually referring to… the e-mail is:, I believe.

    Also, it’s getting closer and closer to the time of the start of comic project… I know, I know, it’s not starting until end of June/early July, but it would be best if the site were up before then, right? So please let me know when I should get the WordPress up with ComicPress installed (I left you a comment at LiveJournal about letting me know when exactly when I should install it, but I haven’t received a response yet and just wanted to check in with you about it again) – I’ll add you to it as an additional admin as soon as it’s all installed (and if requested/required I *will* gladly demote myself to something lower in the privileges list), just let me know when to install it (everything is up to you because you’re the one in charge here, boss) or if you are no longer going to use that form of website for the comic project, please let me know.

    Oh, out of curiosity, I just checked a possible version of the Comic Project’s link under and found that there is already one up – but it’s private and requires a log in. If that is one that you have created, is it no longer going to be done the way I had offered? That’s alright if it’s not, but I would still like to help as a site manager (along with being a writer/editor and advertiser) whether the site is made with an installed WordPress/ComicPress on a server with paid webspace or through won’t change my offer to help with the comic project site as stated before.

    • Hey DJ! Thanks for volunteering!

      I added you on as the role of “author” for the Critical Analysis, meaning that you should be able to write/edit/delete your own posts to this site as you please! By the time you read this reply, you should have gotten a confirmation email to Just confirm and you can start writing posts right away. Thank you so much! And you don’t have to write posts as frequent as I do. Just post whatever you feel like is appropriate for this site, at whatever time is best for you. No need to set a schedule up for yourself if you don’t want to. 🙂

      I apologize if the link is dead, I’ll fix that asap. The WordPress link is if it didn’t work, but I’m sure you knew that already. 😉

      In response to your 3 questions:

      1) You don’t have to write in the same format as I do. My only request is that you write in proper English so that my head doesn’t explode. I try to be as unbiased as much as possible, but opinions are definitely allowed on this site! (E.g. talking about why you like this show, what themes you think HA! is talking about, ect.) When talking about my opinions, I try to explain them logically so that the readers can get a sense of where I’m coming from. I kind of treat them like essays ^^;;.

      So, wrapping up that answer up: you don’t have to write in the same format as I do, just try to write in proper English and explain any opinions you have.

      2) I actually have all the HA! episodes on my desktop (thank you hannah-kraft). I just use Windows Movie Maker to get my screenshots manually, and then post them on my posts whever they’re appropriate. (There’s a “Add an Image” button when I write posts, which allows me to directly upload screenshots from my Desktop onto WordPress.) So don’t be suprised if you can’t Google my pics, although I’m not sure why you can’t Google them.

      3) I’m not sure if I interpreted Question 3 correctly, but I’ll answer it anyways:

      If you’re asking if you can post whatever you post here on another site, go right ahead! It’s your stuff; do whatever you want with it according to your will. 🙂 I’m not sure exactly how, but I believe that when you edit your posts, there’s a place where you can see the html code of your post, so you should be able to copy and paste it onto another site.

      If you’re asking if you can post the stuff I wrote on another site, the good answer is yes you can. HA! doesn’t belong to me (damn.) so I don’t think there’s any harm in spreading the HA! love. XD Your current user role on this site is “Author”, meaning you can only edit the posts you write. If you want to expand your role, ask me and I can bump you up to a higher user role.

      In response to your questions about the HA6S project:

      Eep! Sorry for not responding to your LJ comment, I must have missed it. (Bad Tendra, bad!) I’ll tell you what will happen when the project first starts: there will be three things:
      1) I will be notifying everyone of the letter I am writing to Nick
      2) There will be a WordPress site that will describe the HA6S project and act as an announcement board. The url of that site is, but it is currently only open to people I give permission to. (They require a WordPress account.) So if you stumbled across that one, it’s probably that mine. The WordPress site is not going to be the site where the comics will be released, so you’re still important! 😀
      3) A forum. This will be the main place where the HA6S staff member can talk to one another. I won’t give the link here, because the thing is dead empty and I’m not ready to release it. The link is somewhere on the WordPress site though.

      So, your HA6S domain doesn’t have to be completed by the end of next month. No need to kill yourself. I plan to release the HA6S comics on October 7, 2010 on (hopefully) the site you created, so that’s the date by which the subdomain needs to be done by. And you don’t need to demote yourself; it’s your site after all. 🙂

      Since you’re making the site, you should be privy to what I plan the HA6S project to be like. So, assuming that your WordPress account username is destineyjen, I just added you to my list of people who can access that site. Again, the url is (you need to log onto your WordPress account) and you should be able to see it. There is a page titled “To Do List”, and it has the url of the forum in there in Step 4. Skim that site over and see if you have any problems with it, because I need to make sure that I am crystal clear when explaining this project.

      I also added you as the user role of “Editor” to this site, Jen, so again, you should get a second confirmation notice to be Editor for You will be able to edit all post/pages/comments. Just let me know of any changes you make. My email address is Funnybones021 is also an Editor of this site, so go talk to him whenever you can. He has a Youtube account (funnybones021) where you can send him private messages. I will probably make a thread on the forums where all of us can talk.

      Again, thanks for helping out, you’re great!

      – Tendra


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