Ideas for Season 6 Episodes (Part 1)



There is a continuation of this page on the “Ideas for Season 6 Episodes (Part 2)” page.  Check it out here.


The 6th season episodes suggested below were intended to take after “April Fool’s Day” (both Arnold and Helga are aware of Helga’s crush), and before “The Journal” (and “The Jungle Movie”).  Therefore, anything that should belong in the Jungle Movie (i.e. Arnold and Helga getting together) shouldn’t be in the 6th season.

There are around 20 episodes, and therefore almost 40 storylines, per season.  My aim is to write 40 ideas for the 6th season.  Any comments and/or criticisms for ideas #1 to #20 (write a comment to this page) would be highly appreciated!  This section was longer than I expected, so ideas #21 and beyond will be listed on the page “Ideas for Season 6 Episodes (Part 2)“.  Write new ideas for season 6 episodes as comments to the “Ideas for Season 6 Episodes (Part 2)” page.  I’ll update the pages as the ideas roll in. 

Helga's love potion

1. Gerald gets a bad hair-cut.  Needs to learn how to cope with it.  Craig Bartlett has drawn a mini-comic about it in his early years, and Nickelodeon released it on their site!  Click the “Hey Arnold!” archive and select the comic called “Gerald’s Haircut”.

2. Sid and Stinky fight over a girl (most likely Lila), as it seems that the only thing that would cause the two of them to fight is a common love interest.

3. Helga has a dream, which teaches her that Arnold cannot worship her like how she expects him to when he falls in love with her.  There is already a well-written fanfic about it.  I like it, but I’m not sure what to think of Helga’s opinion of Brainy.

4. Arnold is a great guy, especially how he always helps people out.  However, the weakness of his strength is that the people he helps learn how to depend on Arnold for their problems (i.e. they do not know how to solve their own problems by themselves).  In other words, these people would not learn how to become independent and self-sufficient, should Arnold be away.  I realize that Arnold does give the people he helps some level of autonomy in that they have the choice to accept Arnold’s advice or not, but I think that we could push that level of autonomy a little further – to the point where they start learning to use their own good judgement, instead of having Arnold to guide them.  Arnold needs to learn this as well – that he can’t always be there for other people and have faith in his friends’ abilities to solve their own problems.  The plot will revolve on how Arnold and a friend, whose role is to restrain Arnold from helping a certain individual, watches how that certain individual deals with their own problem.  Arnold will learn that not all things need intervention.  The individual that needs helping can be a new character, so that the habit of asking Arnold for advice is eliminated.

5. Some people love Helga because of her complex personality, while some people don’t because it seems that Helga’s only motivation in life is getting Arnold’s love.  Hopefully, that isn’t true!  I would love to explore this aspect of Helga: what else is there that doesn’t revolve around Arnold?  In this plot, Arnold goes away for a while (maybe for a trip or something?).  What will Helga do without her Arnold?  (Hopefully not pine for him!)

6. We all know that Helga and Arnold are going to end up together.  However, will their relationship be conflicted against disapproval from their friends?  Arnold and Phoebe seem to get along, but what about Helga and Gerald?  This episode would focus on a bonding moment between Helga and Gerald because, let’s face it: when Arnold and Helga are going to get together, Helga and Gerald are going to have to spend some time together.  Because this might contribute to Arnold and Helga’s break-up, which will lead to the spin-off series “The Patakis”, this episode will not mean that Helga and Gerald are now best friends.  It just means that Gerald will begin to learn that Helga is not a bad person (doesn’t neccessarily mean that he will complete his lesson by the time they get together). 

Another thing to point out is that, during the “Jungle Movie”, when Arnold kisses Helga and then gets interrupted by Gerald, Arnold makes a lame excuse with Gerald replying, “Whatever you say, Arnold”.  This indicates that Gerald is, at least, neutral about it.  So maybe having Gerald support Arnold’s decisions might be indiciated here.

The flood

7. Sid loses Sidney.  There was already a fanfic about it written called “The Search for Sidney”, but it is now currently a dead link:  I like the idea of the plot, but the supporting secondary characters (and the kiss) seem a bit too extreme and out of character.  If you see this fanfic with a working url, please let me know.

8. Did you see “Hey Arnold! The Movie”?  If you did, you might have noticed that there was an unfinished miniplot in the movie: Mr. Green and has estranged vegetarian son, who he hasn’t talked to in a couple of years.  It’d be nice to see what would happen if Mr. Green get together with his son again, if you know what I mean.

9. Hmm… I liked “Hey Arnold! The Movie”, but I can’t say it was the greatest Nick film that ever existed.  Many parts were rushed, and this includes the confession scene.  Why did Helga break so easily?  Of course, the movie can’t be redone to further expand that part, but we can make an episode about it.  In this episode, perhaps a nice background story (in Helga’s perspective) of how exactly Deep Voice came to be, and her opinion of her confession.  Maybe this will be a new opportunity for Dr. Bliss to come to the rescue?

10. An untouched mystery that should be touched: who the heck is Fuzzy Slippers and what is his relation to Gerald?  However (courtesy of Nat who brought this up), it would be best if Fuzzy Slippers remained a mystery.  Nonetheless, an episode where the gang tries to find out who Fuzzy Slippers is (e.g. the gang starts following Gerald around in an attempt to find out the identity of Fuzzy Slippers) but fails (thus keeping Fuzzy Slipper’s identity still a mystery) can be viable.

11. The greatest rival of the 4th graders is the 5th graders.  But, hey!  In a year, those 4th graders will become 5th graders; they’ll become their enemy!  I’d like to see an episode that has Arnold’s class imagine what it would be like for them to become 5th graders.  SquirrelTamer has done a nice design chart of how the girls would look like as 5th graders.


12. Remember the episode “Timberly Loves Arnold”?  Y’know, that episode which finally marks the day when Arnold decides to stop crushing on Lila?  Many of Arnold’s buddies (aside from Gerald and possibly Sid) don’t know that, and that includes Lila/Helga.  Hmm… new episode idea?  There’s a fanfiction that explores this by Miss Pataki, and its pretty good.

13. Arnold talks to Dr. Bliss about his ups and downs with Helga.  (Courtesy to Justine who brought this up.)  DarthRoden aka Carl has already written a popular fanfiction about this, so go check it out.  A storyline like this would be better off in the latter portion of the 6th season, as we approach the Jungle Movie.

14. A storyline (probably the full 22 minutes) about Helga’s birthday (which is around 1 week before April Fool’s).  Olafhater27 has actually written a fanfiction about it.  However, the problem is that I don’t think Arnold should play a big part in this episode, seeing how Helga was suprised that Arnold remembered her birthday and gave her a “present” in the episode “April Fool’s Day”.  If you’re going to do fanworks of this storyline, be sure not to draw anything that contradicts with “April Fool’s Day”.

Nat has suggested that on Helga’s Birthday, Arnold should bump into Helga, who is spending her time as the birthday girl alone.  Arnold notices that Helga is upset and ends up spending the day with her.  However, their time together would’ve probably been more enjoyable if Helga didn’t have her precious reputation to worry about: she spends the early portion of her time with Arnold looking over her back to make sure she isn’t caught hanging out with her beloved football-head.

15. Similar to #14 is a full-episode storyline about Arnold’s birthday, which is October 7 (when HA! first aired).  A very pretty comic about it was done by Unluckystunt at Deviantart.  Courtesy of Nat who brought this up, the role that Helga would play on Arnold’s birthday would most likely be anonymous (i.e. her actions would be done without telling anyone else), in order to keep her reputation.

There is a problem with this storyline though: it doesn’t fit well into the 6th season.  Keep in mind that “The Journal” took place on October 5, and that Craig Bartlett did say in an interview that Arnold would turn 10 in ‘The Jungle Movie’, meaning that TJM covers the day of October 7, which is Arnold’s birthday.  So, this storyline should not work, unless it’s a dream/fantasy/ect.

16. Big Bob Pataki takes one step too far, forcing Miriam to take her belongings and daughter, Helga, and move out temporarily.  This plot allows the opportunity for another mother-daughter bonding moment. 

One suggestion was for Miriam and Helga to move into the Sunset Arms Boarding House, seeing how they both left the Pataki house on such short notice.  Another is to have Arnold take a major role in patching things up between Miriam and Bob.  However, it might be more practical to have Arnold influence Helga, who will take action to patch things up between her parents.  (Idea courtesy of Justine)

Thanks to Nat who brought this up, we also have to consider the fact that Bob already clips Miriam’s wings a lot as it is.  This means that in order for Bob to push his limit, he would have to do something rather drastic.  So whether or not this idea is suitable for the 6th season of “Hey Arnold!”, or for bump-it-up-a-rating spin-off “The Patakis”, will depend on how it is written.

17. Okay, so let me get this straight.  In the episode “Weird cousin”, you have Helga chasing after Arnold… who is chasing after Lila… who onced like him liked him, but is now chasing after Arnie… who also onced liked her liked her but is now chasing after Helga.   Whew! 

But after recent events, if Arnie visits again, you now have: Helga chasing after Arnold… who no longer likes Lila and may now be tentatively chasing after Helga.  But!  If Arnold is going to start chasing after Helga, then he’s got some competition with his dear old cousin, Arnie, who still holds the torch for Helga.  And it’s pretty obvious that Helga, who would most likely be willing to jump off a cliff just to avoid that “weird cousin”, doesn’t like Arnie back.  …oh, and you have Lila in the background chasing after Arnie.  (Courtesy of Justine who brought this idea up)

There are tons, and I mean tons, of fanfictions about this popular topic.  Again, I can’t remember all of their urls, so I will list them as they come.  Please be my eyes and let me know if you see any fanfics out their regarding this storyline.

Weird cousin

18. Arnold (and perhaps Dr. Bliss?) helps Helga get to the bottom of her fear of rats (Idea courtesy of Justine)

19. When Arnold struggles with his English assignments, Mr. Simmons assigns him the best poet of the 4th grade to tutor him: Helga.  (Courtesy of Justine who brought this up). 

Azure129 has already written a fanfiction about this, so go check it out!  (Thanks to Gen who helped me find its url)

However, the problem with this idea (thanks to Nat for the criticism) is that you have to keep in mind that although Helga is capable of being a very bright student, so is Arnold.  After all, Arnold must have some talent in English given the fact that he was one of the top spellers in the 4th grade.  Plus, if you have read some of the online interviews with Craig Bartlett, you will recall that Bartlett has said that one of Arnold’s essays wins his class a trip to the jungle where his parents are in “The Jungle Movie”.  In addition to that, Arnold should be relatively good at Social Studies since he is practically the “god of diplomacy”, good at Math because he tutored Torvald, and good at science seeing his work ethic was in the episode “Biosquare”.  Seems like this boy is almost perfect, huh?

However, that doesn’t mean that Arnold can’t be tutored.  This idea can still be work if written properly.  Helga can still give Arnold some writing tips so that he can improve himself (especially if he is in the middle of a writer’s block), to the point where his writing skills are so good that they can win his class a trip to the jungle in “The Jungle Movie”.  -hint hint-

But if you insist that Helga must tutor him in a subject where Arnold may lack talent in relative to Helga, it could be art!  (And maybe have Arnold make a statue of Helga!  Just kidding.)

20. It’s hard to be Mr. Simmons, especially when you have a class that can be as rowdy as the 4th grade class of P.S. 118.  When things get out of hand, you don’t want to be the teacher when the principal, Mr. Wartz, walks in… especially if you don’t want to be fired.  Check out the fanfiction that Simmer2000 has written about this storyline!  Courtesy of Buckysbone who brought this up!



  1. OMG!!! Great ideas for episodes for Season 6!! 😀

    These should probably take place after April Fool’s Day, but before The Journal (Oct 7th, when they’re in 5th grade).

    Another idea for an episode!!

    You know the episode Helga on the Couch? Maybe this time, a week or so after April Fool’s Day, Arnold comes in to see Dr. Bliss, and discusses the good/bad times with Helga! 😀

    Here’s a fanfic of it, by DarthRoden aka Carl. Got 142 reviews!!
    Arnold’s Couch Confessions:

    • I got a good one. What if Helga gets bullied by the girls from 5th and 6th grade? And she got the girls from her class to stand up to them. But both girls from 5th & 6th grade. But the girls put Helga in her place.

      • hall monitor 2- Phoebe beats up the fifth graders, first to be beaten up by phoebe is Edmund, 2nd 5th grader in the green hat, 3rd the 5th grader in the cowboy hat, 4th the 5th grader with yellow and orange jumper, 5th the 5th grader with the red jumper, 6th the blonde haired 5th grader, 6th red haired 5th grader, 7th Black haired 5th grader, 8th 5th grader with stripy jumper, 9th Mickey the Weasel.

        Ludwig from new bully on the block. Goes to PS118 and this time he brings some other 5th graders 9 of them.

        5th grader with blue jacket, was seen in Longest Monday when Wolfgang was teaching the other 5th graders how to stuff 4th graders in trash cans. He is the cousin of blonde haired 5th grader, them two are really close.

        5th grader with black Afro,wearing red jumper, he was also seen in Longest Monday, he was sitting on the lockers, he has a younger sister who is in the 1st grade.

        5th grader, with baige jumper, he was sitting on the lockers, while watching Wolfgang, stuff a dummy in the trash cans. It is mention that he has 2 older brothers, one in the 10th grade, the other in the 7th grade, it is revealed that his older brother who teach him and his other older brother about trash can day.

        Red haired 5th grader with yellow and green jumper, he is friends with Ludwig, he loves stuffing 4th graders in trash cans. He is the cousin of red curly haired 5th grader, them two have been closed since they were babies, and now they are still close.

        Brown haired 5th grader, wears green shirt with a Blue Tiger on he wears a red hat with skulls on it it, he has a collection of catapults and stink bombs. He is friends with Ludwig as well. He is the cousin of the 5th grader, who wears a cowboy hat. These two are really close. They have been close since they were little. And now they are still close.

        Blonde haired 5th grader, wears red and green striped jumper, he has a passion for mischief and chaos, he has a younger brother in 2nd grade. He is the cousin of the 5th grader, who wears a red jumper.

        Red haired, 5th grader, wears yellow jumper, with a skull version of a cat. He has 3 cats, Grace,Ben and Linda. 1 Dog, Biter, he has a younger sister who’s in 3rd grade.

        Black haired 5th grader, blue and orange jumper, he is the naughty one. He is the cousin of the 5th grader who wears a yellow and orange jumper, them two were close when they were little.

        Black haired 5th grader, orange shirt, blue hat, similar to his cousin’s hat, with a yellow on top of it. He is the cousin of the 5th grader who wears a green hat. Them two have been close since they were little.

    • No way. Arnold and his class should remain in the 4th grade. I want to see an episode where the sixth graders take on the fifth graders.

      • Arnold and his class should remain in the 4th grade

  2. Interesting ideas for the sixth season’s episodes. A few comments from me, though:

    -#4 sounds somewhat similar to the episode “Deconstructing Arnold”. I believe that the only way to pull that off is to have Arnold gone from the town completely. That way they kids won’t be able to ask him for help in any way at all and he can’t give them any advice in the end.

    -I love that idea for #8.

    -I don’t think Fuzzy Slippers’s identity should be revealed. Fuzzy Slippers is one of THOSE kinds of characters that the audience only hears about, but never actually sees. If the identity of Fuzzy Slippers were to be revealed, that sense of mystery would be taken away from the audience. Besides, if revealed, some members of the audience might be disappointed. I think it’d be better if his identity just remains a mystery.

    Other than that, I’d love to be a writer for this website. There’s nothing that I love more than analyzing one of my fandoms, which obviously includes Hey Arnold!.

    • What about an episode similar to Longest Monday? Where the girls from 5th grade chase the girls from 4th grade. But not being thrown into the trash? But probably spray ink on them?

    • This ones good. What if the 5th graders move into the class room with Arnold and the gang, each 5th grader has to sit with a 4th grader and make his or hers life miserable.

      Wolfgang VS Arnold

      Edmond VS Gerald

      Blonde haired 5th grader-Eugene

      The one with the cowboy hat-Sid

      The one with the green hat-Iggy

      Asian 5th grader-Curly

      Girl 1-Helga

      Girl 2-Phoebe

      Girl 3-Rhonda

      Girl 4-Sheena

      Girl 5-Nadine

      Girl 6-Lila

      • 5th Grade girls in Wolfgang’s class there 10 or 11 years old

        Mary-blonde haired(straight), wears green dress,white shoes,.she’s the leader of the pack. She hates Helga G Pataki, she describes her as queen of the brats. Mary would always gang up on all the 4th grade girls.

        Julie-blonde haired (ponytail), wears a blue dress, white shoes. Like Mary, she hates Helga. She loves make up. Also she is 2nd in command when Mary’s absent.

        Nina-blonde haired(pigtails), wears a red and black dress, wears white shoes. Like her friends she hates Helga. Also she has a crush on the blonde haired 5th grader. She held his hand in the tunnel of love. Nina would always smile when she sees him around.

        Sarah-red haired(curly) wears a green dress, pink shoes. She has a pet cat called River. She loves make up, she wears make up just to impress the 5th grader with curly red hair who she has a crush on. He gave her a valentines card. Like her friends she hates Helga. Them two went in the tunnel of love. Sarah will always kiss his photo.

        Faye-brown haired,(ponytail), wears a red and pink dress, blue shoes. She is seen with the girls. She loves make up. Also she’s the cousin of Nina. Them two have hated Helga since she accidentally spill orange juice on them. They also plot against her.

        Alice-black haired(curly) wears a green dress, pink and yellow shoes. She wears a purple beret. She always calls Helga ugly. She has a crush on the 5th grader who wears the green hat. She has his picture in her locker. He hold her hand, while riding the tunnel of love.

        Denise- blonde haired(straight hair) she wears a pink and green dress, has ribbons on them. Wears green shoes. She trips Helga over any time she walks pass her. She always hated her. Denise woul

        Susan- brown haired (straight)-she wears pink and blue dress, pink Cowgirl boots. She wears a pink cowgirl hat with red hearts. She has a crush on the 5th grader who wears a cowboy hat. On Valentines day he gave her card. She was very happy. Them two went into the tunnel of love. She hates Helga.

        Margaret-red haired(straight with bangs) she wears a green and black dress. White shoes. Margaret has a crush on the 5th grader, who wears a red jumper. They went into the tunnel of love.

        Stella-blonde haired(straight) she wears a turquoise dress. She has a crush on the 5th grader who wears a stripy jumper. Them two once held hands without there classmates looking.

        Bethany-black haired(straight) wears a orange and yellow dress, with green flowers. Blue shoes. She has a crush on the Asian 5th grader. He gave her flowers and chocolates.

        Kimberly-brown haired(short hair) she wears purple and red dress, pink and green shoes. She has a rivalry with Rhonda. Kimberly comes from a rich family. She has a crush on Mickey the Weasel.

        Francesca-blonde haired(pigtails), wears a white and green dress. She has a hatred towards Helga. She loves hanging with the girls.

        Melanie-red haired(pigtails) similar to Lila’s, she wears a pink and yellow dress. Green shoes. She is seen wearing a red handbag.

        Tamara-brown haired(straight) wears white and black dress, wears green shoes. She once tripped Helga over and cause her to fall in the mud.

        Avril-Red haired(straight) she wears red and yellow dress, pink shoes. She hates Helga a lot.

        Tracey-brown haired(straight), wears a green and dark green dress. Blue shoes. She loves make up.

        Louise-black haired(straight) wears a pink and blue dress, she wears green shoes. She has a crush on the 5th grader with black hair.

        Marie-blonde haired(curly) wears a red and purple dress, red shoes. She loves make up and going shopping.

        Anna-red haired(curly) she wears pink and yellow and green dress. Blue shoes. She has a hatred towards Helga. She once threw lettuce at Helga.

    • Hey Arnold-season 6 ideas

      Who done it?-some has framed Helga for gluing Principal Wartz’s favourite chair. someone is framing Helga, the 4th graders are on the search for the culprit

      Arnie comes to school-Arnold’s wired cousin comes to his class, and he starts to fall for Helga. she wants Arnold to tell his cousin to leave her alone

      Helga VS 5th grade girls-Helga gets bullied by the girls from the 5th grade. but things went from bad to worse when Mary from the 5th grade, got the girls from the sixth grade to take her down.

      Bike race-Arnold and his class take on the unbeatable 5th graders to a bike contest, but do they have the guts to win against the mighty 5th graders?

      Look who’s back!-Summer is in PS118, Arnold and Helga are surprised to see Summer, the girl that they saw on the beach. she has joined the sixth grade.

      The Return of Ludwig-Ludwig has joined the school, but his in the class room with Wolfgang and the 5th graders, so it looks like the 4th graders have to kiss the Gerald filed goodbye.

      New Kids in the 4th grade-Arnold and Gerald are happy that there’s going to be 6 new kids in there class, Robert Falcon, Susan Van House, Eddie Crabs, Jenny Works, Laura Brown and Lorraine Webster.

      Chaotic Friday-todays the day that every fourth grader has to hide from the fifth graders from getting wet, this has been happening since 1930s-2010s. Arnold and his friends have to hide before the fifth graders spray water on him.

  3. Hi guys, thanks for being the first ones to comment on this site. The “Ideas for season 6 episodes” and “Links” page has been updated in response to your comments! Thanks for the input!

    In response to Nat’s comment about idea #4, I agree that it is similar to “Deconstructing Arnold”. However, I felt that Arnold didn’t really learn his lesson (that not all people need his help) because he ended up helping out the gang in the end (i.e. the gang couldn’t solve their own problems). I also actually need Arnold to be in the episode (i.e. in Hillwood) so he can learn his lesson. Hope that cleared things up!

    – Tendra

  4. I just thought of this one, Arnie visits AGAIN, and Arnie’s crushing on Helga. Then, Helga asks Arnold to get Arnie to leave her alone. Something like that, mainly a 2nd visitation of Arnie in Hillwood.

  5. Another idea: Big Bob and Miriam have a huge fight, causing Miriam to take her belongings and Helga, and to pack up and leave to live at the Sunset Arms Boarding House. Helga realizes her mom loves her, she and Miriam have a mother-daughter bond moment, and Arnold tries to patch things up between Bob and Miriam, so Miriam and Helga could move back with Bob.

  6. Ok, another one (not fully developed)! =P

    Helga’s huge fear of rats, discovering how/why her fear of rats began, was caused, etc.

    Maybe Helga sees a rat(s) and Arnold comforts her or something, or tries to get to the bottom of her fear, something along those lines.

    Kinda like when Arnold discovered how much Chocolate Boy loved chocolate, and why.

    Another idea for an episode would be Arnold struggling in English poetry, and Mr. Simmons assigns Arnold a tutor: Helga.

  7. Where Mr. Simmons gets fired by Principal Wartz, and Arnold and the class try to convince Wartz to hire Simmons back.

    “Poor Mr. Simmons! When Wartz decides that Simmons can’t control his class – Simmons gets fired!”

  8. I thought that I had a huge cadre of ideas for the sixth season, but this list has most of the mysteries covered. *laughs*

    Still, I have some suggestions left over. Here’s one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

    1) “Bit Characters”
    Now, obviously the show follows Arnold and the gang around because they are really interesting. Some of the main cast of kids are even utterly bizarre. To a lesser extent we have Peapod Kid, Park, Iggy, and a few other honorable mentions. Iggy actually got his own episode, even though he’s generally consigned to the background of any given scene. He rarely even has any lines.

    Expanding a cast too much is usually a bad idea, and some characters better serve the story for having never been fleshed out– However, what if there -was- an episode dedicated to the regular joe student of PS. 118? Take the perspective and put it behind some utterly uninteresting character such as Jeff. The blond kid with glasses that is almost always somewhere in the background of any given episode. It doesn’t have to be him in particular, but what’s it like for him (in all his glorious mediocrity) to watch the “main” kids have all kinds of urban adventures?

    This story could also have starred Brainy, but considering all the inexplicable times he has showed up at random places and his general mysterious nature, I think he should forever and always remain unexplored. Brainy is the closest HA! has ever come to breaking the fourth wall. I mean, he does look right at the camera at the end of “The Haunted Train.”

    • This one will blow your socks up. what if Arnold and Gerald asks out the girls from the 5th grade?

    • 6th grade girls in Hey Arnold.

      Maria-the girl who’s in the sixth grade, she once went out on a date with Arnold just to make Tommy jealous.

      Connie-she’s best friends with Maria, like Maria she’s in the sixth grade. De went out with Gerald to make Burt jealous.

      Simone-she’s friends with Maria, Connie, Ruth and Cookie.

      Cookie-she just chews bubble gum.

      Jennifer-she’s in the sixth grade. She’s the one who was showing off her boots to Simone and Connie. And got annoyed with Patty. She has a hatred towards Rhonda. She’s popular

      Lisa-blonde haired she was the one who told Rhonda to go to the back of the bus. With the geeks.

      Blonde haired (ponytail)sixth grader, wears a blue dress and white shoes.

      Blonde haired haired sixth grader, wears blue dress and white shoes.
      She hates the 4th graders, especially Helga.

      Mary Margaret-she’s in the sixth grade, she’s a red haired, wears blue vest with green shirt under, her skirt is green and blue, blue socks with white shoes. She’s very bossy and manipulative. She hangs out with Connie, Maria, Ruth, Cookie and Simone.

      Linda-red haired, she is friends with everyone, she loves make up.

      Lorraine-brown haired,

      Penny-red haired.

      • Hey Arnold season 6

        Episode 1-Haunted locker: Arnold has a new locker, everyone was scared to go near his locker. Legend says that back in the year 1972, a fourth grader called Owen Mooring, he was the happiest student in PS118, until Timothy the leader of the fifth graders, stuffed him in the locker, for 43 years he is always haunting anyone who goes near his locker.

        Episode 2-Helga VS 5th Grade Girls:Mary and the girls decide to fight Helga for messing her dress with peas. And things went from bad to worse when Mary gets the 6th grade girls involve. Helga got Phoebe and Rhonda to help, but that didn’t work.

        Episode 3-E-mail: a sixth grader called Louise Von Loops, was handing out flyers about computers, Arnold started to crush on her. Gerald said oh no, not again! She realised that Arnold has a crush on her. But a third grader called Jenny knows what she’s planning.

        Episode 4-The Return of Ludwig-Arnold and the gang are happy that there’s going to be new kids, but happiness turns into a nightmare for the fourth graders when aloud wig joins the 5th graders. And now the nightmare begins.

  9. For #19, I think you mean “Tutoring Arnold”, by Azure129 🙂

  10. More comments from me:

    -Yes, I think an episode where the kids TRY to reveal the mystery of Fuzzy Slippers’s identity (but ultimately fail) is defintely better than having the kids find out who he really is. It’d be so engaging and just… awesome. It would probably be my favorite sixth season episode if it ever happened.

    -I think #’s 14-15 could potentially be bad episodes, depending on how they’re written. To pull these episodes off with TRUE Craig Bartlett authenticity, they can’t be too fan-influenced and they really have to be considerate of Arnold and Helga’s characters. I think that for Helga’s birthday episode it should actually START on the day of her birthday. I like the idea of her spending the day by herself on this day, so it could be like Arnold accidentally stumbled upon her (as he always does during the most unexpected moments) and she’s, well, you know. Kind of upset. He’s not doing anything, so they end up spending the day together. To add a little twist to this, though, I think it’d be even better if Helga tries her best not to be caught spending the day with Arnold. She’s got to keep her reputation, after all. As for Arnold’s birthday, Helga could very well be the one to plan it. But, like in the Arnold episode I just proposed, she would be silent about planning it. She’d do everything herself and she wouldn’t tell anyone. She’d do everything anonymously.

    -Despite the interesting concept behind #16, I think it’s a little too… overboard. Big Bob, sure, is abusive, but Miriam… Miriam’s already such a pushover. Not to mention a DRUNK of a pushover. I think the only way that Miriam would really explode under Bob’s tendencies is if he did something REALLY terrible like, I don’t know, make some stupid claim that she was cheating on him or something. It’s an interesting concept, but it’d be difficult to work through.

    -Now, #17 is DEFINITELY an episode I’d love to see happen. So much material, so many possibilities. Love it, love it, love it.

    -I don’t think #19 can be plausible. We all know that Helga’s exceptional at English, but Arnold’s not THAT bad either. Both Helga and Arnold are the top two spellers in their class, according to “Spelling Bee.” And we haven’t heard anything about Arnold doing terrible in English either. I’m sure he wouldn’t need a tutor for English. If anything, English is probably Arnold’s best subject. He just seems to be the type of character to excel in English. But, hey, Helga could probably beat him at art (really, a sculpture out of gum? Now, THAT’S talent).

    • what if there’s an episode where Arnold and the gang have a school dance? The girls ask the boys to the dance. Also the fifth graders and sixth graders joined in, Wolfgang and he fifth graders arrived, Mary and the fifth grade girls arrived, Ludwig and the fifth graders arrived. the sixth graders are also coming.

  11. Wow! Thanks to all who’ve written a comment for their input! They’re all great!

    I’ve edited this page in response to all of your comments, which I’m highly grateful for.

    Thanks for making this site such a great hit. I’ve gotten A LOT more visitors than I expected. Almost 400 visitors within the first 4 days I announced this site on ONLY the HA! Livejournal! WOW!

    It’s very, very great to know that there are still a lot of active fans of HA!, and that’s an understatement.


    – Tendra

    • What if Sid, Stinky and Harold pulls a prank on the 5th graders. Wolfgang and the 5th graders tried to find who done it.

  12. I dunno- Arnold mentions he likes art too, and I dunno who designed his room, but have you looked at it lately? (lol, I think he did it…)
    He might have great artistic talents too, but maybe they just haven’t been shown as much/displayed blatantly in the show like Helga’s has? He does seem to have a thing for music too… :m

  13. Actually, it was mentioned in Azure’s fic how she got the idea of Arnold being bad at poetry in particular. I mean, even if you’re good at english and essays it doesn’t mean you’re automatically great at poetry as well. Anyway, she mentions the episode in which Arnold’s grandpa and Big Bob have the golf competition. Grandpa asks Arnold to help him come up with a poem for the last hole and what Arnold comes up with isn’t all that great XD Even Grandpa mentions that it’s “the worst, most stupidest poem I’ve ever heard”

  14. To Gen: Yeah, that’s true.
    To Mony: Lol! You’re right, actually. English, analysis, and writing essays/short stories are things that I do quite well. Yet I’m terrible at rhyming. That’s why I don’t use rhyming schemes in my poems, lol. Hey, yeah, maybe Arnold could use some help in being more poetic.

    I like commenting:

    1. Haha! I like that! The comic is great.

    20. Haven’t gotten around to reading that fanfic yet, but I will when I have time (and when it’s not midnight)

  15. yeah im up for that but you;ll have to convince nick though and run it through craig, but hey he knows we’re tryin to help, yeah they canceled arnold with unsolved mysteries of you would have to worry getting back the original cast which is gonna be hard, it would be nice if we got franny, jamil, justin etc. other than that im with you all the way.

  16. Nice ideas. But do you realize that for a HA! season we would need about 40 story plots (20 episodes = 40 stories)?

    Anyway, there were several fics about a school project according to which the classmates had to trade their houses to take a taste of each other’s lives. Of course Arnold and Helga end up being paired up for this project. I guess the best fic of that kind is MeganKoumori’s “A Mile In Your Shoes” (

    But personally I think it would be more interesting to pair up Helga with Gerald, and Arnold with Phoebe, then we get:

    1. After several in hours in the Johanssens’ residence she’s full of it and snaps (remember Gerald Comes Over episode), and soon the house falls under her rule. (A picture: Helga sits on the sofa, while Jamie O (he wears an apron, and Helga calls him “Jay Mo”; he calls her “ma’am”) is vacuuming the floor, and Timberly hangs on her suspenders.) The trouble is, despite being bullied by Helga, Timberly very soon becomes her huge fan: she wears a pink dress and a bow, puts her hair into Helga-like pigtails, follows her everywhere, mimics her speech, and attempts to bully the people around. It looks so lame, that it makes the real Helga look ridiculous.

    2. Arnold enjoys living with some kind of parents, and the Heyerdahls are very impressed by him, especially by his karate skills. Arnold’s main trouble is the infamous monitor lizard. He has to take him for a morning walk, but it’s difficult to care about somebody who ate up your favorite parrot; not to mention that the lizzard still is trying to chase birds, cats, and dogs with clear nutritional interest. Arnold has a nightmare: the monitor lizzard recites love poetry about him.

    3. Everyone in the boarding house likes Phoebe, especially Grandma. Pookie is in her Eskimo mood, and she’s determined to teach her new apprentice how to live in what she calls “ice jungles”. Once she tells Phoebe that they are going to hunt an apakcux, whatever it is. Phoebe is given a harpoon and is told to lie in wait in the attic, and to shoot between apakcux’s eyes when she’ll see it. It’s pitch black and scary in the attic. When she hears something, Phoebe panics and throws the harpoon; Grandma praises her good shot. Whatever is shot, it is served for supper and tastes weird. Mrs. Kokoshka is worried about Oskar’s absence — he never misses a meal. Suddenly Phoebe is struck with an idea of who she shot and what they are eating. When Oskar finally shows up everyone is surprised by Phoebe’s joyful hysterics: she covers Oskar’s face with kisses. But still, what they ate?

    4. The first thing that surprises Gerald is Helga’s parents ignorance towards him. Second surprise is the door to Helga’s closet: there are three heavy padlocks hanging on it, and it’s sealed up with scary tapes (“HPD – Don’t cross the line – Crime Scene”, “Biohazard”, “High radioactivity”, “NASA – potentially dangerous extraterrestrial contamination”); what could Helga be hiding there? Luckily very soon shows up Olga, she’s excited about having “Lil bro”. Olga is sweet, cute, and charming. Gerald practices his smooth-talking at her, and Olga finds it adorable. When Gerald compliments her hair, she tells him how to treat hair right. Gerald follows her recommendations, and next day he wakes up with amazing hair — it’s smooth, silky, wavy, and *down*. Gerald has a hairdo every girl would die for, and he’s terrified. He learns other side of Olga. She’s annoying, she refuses to see anything wrong in how he looks, and seems fixed on humiliating him: she brings in as many people as possible and is determined to show them Gerald (“Oh, this must be your baby sis you talk about so much!”). Gerald can’t run away — because he can’t allow to be seen like this by somebody he knows, so most of the time he spends hiding from Olga and trying to fix his hairdo. When Helga finally returns she realizes that Big Bob has not noticed her absence — he can’t see the difference between her and Gerald.

    Uh… I guess it’s too long even for a 22-minute story… But I think it would be one heck of an episode.

  17. Woah. Hellerick’s episode is GREAT. I don’t know about having it centered around those four characters, though… It’s too long. :/

  18. I agree that Hellerick’s episode sounds very cool, although I’d say keep it at just Helga and Gerald switching houses. They have the most contrast between their homelives and would leave the greater impact.

    I say it’s sort of silly for Phoebe to switch homes, because she never really seems to be annoyed by her family? Arnold, Gerald and Helga have all expressed displeasure with their set ups though and I think Helga and Gerald are the ones who gripe the most.

  19. Yeah, we definitely need a Helga-Gerald episode, and it could be one. Being fed with each other’s families could bond them 🙂

    Actually I’m not sure what it has to do with Phoebe not being annoyed by her family. Anyway, when I watch this episode in my mind, I don’t really see Phoebe, her story is mostly revealed through phone calls between her and Helga.

    Making the characters trade their houses is a great trick. No matter where you put Rhonda it still turns out cool. What you think would be the best (er… I mean the worst) house for her?

  20. I think it’d be intereseting if Rhonda traded houses with Stinky. His setting is completely opposite hers. She’s rich and all urban; Stinky’s from Arkansas and he’s got that Southern/country drawl to him. Plus, his house lokos like a shack, lol.

  21. It would be called “Rhonda’s Pumkin”. I like it!

  22. Hellerick’s episode idea is great…so are the one’s above. I’d prefer having Dr. Bliss shoved into the storyline somewhere again like the fic “Arnold’s Couch Confessions” – only it could be set up a few episodes leading to the Jungle Movie…

  23. Yep, Dr. Bliss is too precious to be forgotten.

    What about holidays? What holiday specials we could have? July 4, maybe?

  24. Hm. I don’t think a Fourth of July episode could happen. Arnold’s side of the Thanksgiving episode was that he couldn’t have a normal one, considering that his grandmother always confuses it with… well, Thanksgiving. And I think it’d be rather boring if we went through that again :/ “Oh, no fireworks for me because I’ve got to have Thanksgiving.” It just sounds like the Thanksgiving episode all over again.

    However, I am surprised that there hasn’t been a New Year’s episode. Or, heck, even a “Last Day of School” one. It’d be a great way to end the season! Then the Jungle Movie would finally happen, the Hey Arnold! cartoons would end with the “Last Day of School” episode and then the Patakis would finally air.

    Oh, if we lived in a perfect world…

    • What about this one. Principal Wartz wants to know who put Chili pepper in his cheese sandwich. Someone snuck into his office. And put Chili in his sandwich. There was a lot of students in a que. 1st graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders, 4th graders 5th graders and 6th graders. The Chili was put in his sandwich at exactly 4:00pm, Timberly and Jane were playing hide and seek with there classmates. Chocolate boy was eating chocolate. Nina was studying. Arnold and Gerald were playing baseball. Wolfgang and the 5th graders were having a food fight. The sixth graders were chatting.

      Principal Wartz wants the fourth graders to find out who did this to him. Arnold said lets start with the 5th graders. Gerald said why them? They have been playing pranks since they were in kindergarten. Said Arnold. Wolfgang said me and Edmond were hanging out. The others were hanging out. But Timberly and Jane video taped it. principal Wartz saw the video and the culprit was Helga? Principal Wartz said you going to be expelled. But Helga said at 4:00 I was with Pheobe. Gerald said pause. That girl looks familiar. In the assembly everyone looked. And saw pink shoes. But Helga wears white shoes. So the real culprit is Curly. He was paid by the sixth grade girls to get Helga expelled.

  25. Nefarious: Actually, that character’s name is Robert, not Jeff. I would like to know where you heard it was Jeff though.

    Hellerick: Actually, Phoebe no longer has the monitor lizard. She told Helga that her parents would not let her keep it.

    Nat: Actually, Gertie confuses the Fourth of July with Christmas, not Thanksgiving. Ernie is the one who said it: “We don’t get that until the Fourth of July when your grandmother thinks it’s Christmas.” Of course, considering how they realized how much Arnold wanted a real Thanksgiving, I believe they would still go through with a real Fourth of July after what had previously happened. They don’t want to disappoint their grandson. Also, they went through with a real Christmas even though Gertie thought it was a completely different holiday.

    • In the 1st grade

      Timberly- Gerald’s younger sister

      Jane McGill- Best friends with Timberly.

      Joey- the naughty one.

      Tina- the younger sister of Chloe. Who’s the enemy of Timberly

      Cheryl-the cousin of Chloe, who gets along with Tina. And terrorise the class.

      Robert-best friends with Joey, like him, his naughty.

      Steven-the little cousin of Mickey the Weasel

      Eric-the smart one, his friends with everyone except Cheryl and Tina.

      Bradley-the younger brother of boy 1, the one in the sixth grade. He’s about 7 years old.

      Michael- his the mischievous one, his friends with Robert and Joey. Who are so bad. Also Steven helps them out.

      Timmy-the lazy one, who’s next door neighbours with Wolfgang,

      Julie-the nice one, she is friends with Timberly and Jane.

  26. I have re-watched Helga’s Parrot episode (arrgh, it was brilliant!), and yes Phoebe says that she was not allowed to keep the Monster; and in “Principal Simmons” it is seen dragging Eugene through the school hall (therefore probably it lives in PS118 now). But still, Phoebe and Zilla look so cute together — I could not resist.

    And about the holidays… I have to agree with Jennifer — Grandma’s confusing them always was a background gag nothing more. The Thanksgiving episode was about Arnold and Helga giving thanks, and the Christmas episode is about the Christmas spirit: Helga sacrifices her boots, it makes Mr. Baily because he can give these boots to his daughter, and of course it makes his daughter happy, as result Mr. Hyunh and Mai meet each other — it makes them happy, and making them happy makes Arnold happy, and making Arnold happy makes Helga happy — it’s the best Christmas story I can remember, much better than Oscar Wilde’s or O Henry’s — it’s strikingly different from other shows’ Christmas episodes, where nothing but holiday attributes are used (compare with Jimmy Neutron’s Christmas, or CatDog’s Thanksgiving).

    What the July 4th episode would have been about? I think it would have been about independence. E.g.: Helga’s parents went away to spend the holiday with Olga, and Helga learns what what is it like to run the house (and Big Bob’s business?) alone, while her classmates spend time watching parades and fireworks.

  27. I really liked Wendy’s Idea about “auction kids” (especially the part about another girl admiring Arnold; I’ve always wanted 2 see girls fightin’ over him).
    The other Ideas sound awesome 2 🙂
    HATM is actually my favorite moive though even I have 2 admit it could of been better.
    By the way, b-leeve it r not I’m new to the Internet, and I have Muvee auto producer on my computer an’ I made some interrestin’ HA! videos. dere are 2 reasons why I haven’t put ’em on YouTube:
    1 I have NO internet access @ home
    2 I don’t exactly know how 2 put them on the site
    could 1 of U give some advice?
    I luv HA! an’ I want 2 see TJM!

    • I would love to an episode where Chloe comes back. You Chloe? The girl who messed around with Gerald and his brother and Jamie O. And Gerald stills hold a grudge. And so does Jamie O.

  28. I’d like 2 mention that I’m also gettin’ ready for final exams so I might not get 2 send very many messages. 😦
    But at least I have time 2 do this an’ not have it interfere with my school work 🙂 well 4 now.
    If my videos that I mentioned previously ended up on YouTube, I hope it don’t seem as though I’d be making fun of the series ( such videos as “HA! on Robot Chicken”, “HA! Shin Chan Parody”, “HA! Don’t B Gay”, & “HA! Swine Flu Epidemic”) They were intended to be just silly & seem as though they were on “mature” shows.
    I’d also luv 2 see The Patakis!
    I’m plannin’ on goin’ into the film & Television bussiness myself (yes I’m fully aware of the copy right laws) & I may do several Parodies of HA!, especially the movie based on the Freakin’ Sweet series. 🙂

  29. OMG! I 4got 2 mention I have 2 ideas for fan fic series: 1 “hey Arnold ! does stuff” would be kinda like “family guy Blue harvest” only with HA! characters & it would B more than just Star Wars, it would have things like Lord of the Rings, 300, Junior (ya know, the movie with the pregnant man), & Narnia. That would B “StupidAwesome!” 🙂
    2 A fan fic series about Arnold’s Mom & Dad when they were kids (& yes I know they didn’t meet eachother until they were adults) or maybe somethin’ about His Grandma & Grandpa. That’d B Freakin’ Sweet! 🙂
    By duh way, In the episode “Married” when Helga & Lila were Fightin’ over Arnold, it didn’t really count Because it was but a meer dream sequence!
    For those U dat may of seen HATM, in the scene were Helga was in the attic with her shirne, if U look towards the center of the screen (full or wide doesn’t matter) U can C a pair of “Boy Panties” in an ant farm when she & da shrine are viewed from a profile! Ya think she had a “Boy Pantie Raid” in Arnold’s Room?
    Also, towards the end of da Film, After Helga tells him she “hates” him & she storms off, jugdin’ by da look on his face I’d say dat he WAS Cheakin’ ‘er out!!!! OMG!!

  30. OMG! I 4got something again!:(
    I wrote a “manual Letter” 2 Nick Mag regarding the subject of HA! & TJM. 🙂
    If Mr. Bartlett somehow ends up readin’ this I want 2 make it clear that he doesn’t have 2 go with my ideas if they interfere with his original plot, I’d understand if he didn’t go with the ideas I proposed in my Nick Mag letter. after all, they were more like suggestions. 🙂
    I also want 2 say that I plan 2 go 2 college after high school. I sent the letter not long B4 the May 2009 issue came out, so just a heads up, it may B in June/July 2009 🙂
    Seriously, it would B a shame not 2 see Miles & Stella on a 20 or 30 foot screen, they so kick @$$ 🙂 Aw Man! “Dis really Bites” (Not having TJM, I mean) 😦
    I just realized somethin’, Curly & Helga have some similar visual trates. Ya think they might B realated? or is it but a mere “ka winky dink”?

  31. Hi! me again! 🙂 I’m sorry to inform you (yet this is unsurprizing) that my letter wasn’t put in Nick Mag 😦 Now that I think of it, I should of wrote 2 New York were you guys may of wrote; I’ll do that & provide a copy of my Nick Mag letter in case it wasn’t forwarded 2 them. I had just recently read some of Mr. Bartlett’s Original Arnold comics. 🙂 I LUV ‘EM! Craig if u end of readin’ this YOU’RE A GENIOUS! 🙂 (well, atleast I think so!)

  32. OMG! I 4got! I must mention that the ideas I proposed in the Nick Mag letter would probably make a better Fan fiction, I read “Helga’s luv Story” (all 11 parts)” & I luved it! It was very well written!

  33. If anyone tried 2 send me an email & wonders Y I may not of responded, I may not of got them 😦
    But, I chanced the email address slightly so it might come through the next time 🙂
    I still think Mr. Bartlett’s a genius ( Did I spell it right this time?). Seriously, most of my inspiration came from him ( but that doesn’t mean I’d illeagally copy his work! 🙂 ). It would be pretty cool 2 meet him someday ( not that it’s on my “bucket list” or anythin’ , but playin’ Pacman, visting that Will Vinton exbit, Visting &/or working @ wut is now known as Laika, and other stuff like that is, if the future was more certain 4 me I’d definatly put that @ da top of it {meetin’ Mr. Bartlett I mean}).

    • Hey Jenny,

      Just a reminder that the Critical Analysis site has moved to a new url:

      Please redirect all new comments to that site 😀 Thank you!

      – Tendra

  34. Very descriptive post, I liked that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

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    • 2nd graders

      Henry-the little brother of Edmond

      George-the mischief one.

      Wayne-the cousin of One of the sixth graders

      Lenny-the boy who likes sweets a lot

      Chocolate boy

      Ellen-the girl who hangs out with Lucy

      Lucy-best friend of Ellen

      Bridgette-friends with Ellen and Lucy.

      Bryan-the naught one.

      Layla-she’s friend with the girls.

      Sophie-the naughty one.

  37. if I was a writer for Hey Arnold Season 6 (Episode 7) , Phoebe should be hall monitor again, I would name this episode Hall Monitor 2. Phoebe is in charge of the Gerald Filed until Wolfgang and the 5th graders arrived. Wolfgang will tell Edmond and the 5th graders to charge at Phoebe. the first 5th grader to be hit by Phoebe will be Edmond, 2nd will be the Blonde haired 5th grader, 3rd the one with the cowboy hat, 4th the one with the green hat,5th is the Asian 5th grader, 6th the one with the red jumper, 7th the one with curly red hair, 8th the one with black hair, 9th the 5th grader with the stripy shirt. 10th Mickey the Weasel. Wolfgang was the only one left. He tried to punch Phoebe, but she ducked and kicked him, he tried to get back on his feet. where did she go? said Wolfgang, she slapped his face hard. Wolfgang went down. she stared at the other 5th graders, who were spooked, had enough? they all ran away.

    what do you think?

    • Nina the girl in the 5th grade,she has blonde straight hair, wears a red and black dress, white shoes. She has a crush on the blonde haired 5th grader.

  38. the girls in the 5th grade with Wolfgang, there about 10 or 11

    girl 1- blonde haired one, wears Blue dress, white trainers, she’s the leader of the pack.
    girl 2-black haired one, wears Green top, with red pearls, pink trainers, she loves make up, she wears lipstick.
    girl 3-curly blonde haired one, Red and Green dress, similar to Phoebe’s, blue trainers. mess with her, and she will lose it!!
    girl 4-black girl, black haired, talks in a Spanish accent, similar to Maria, wears Blue top with green skirt, wears high heels, she moved to America when she was 2-years-old with her parents and siblings 2 younger sisters who are twins.
    girl 5-red haired one, has pigtails similar to Lila, wears a pink and yellow dress with flowers and hearts, has a handbag (Pink) blue sandals, she doesn’t like getting dirty.
    girl 6-brown haired one, with a pony tail, blue dress, white trainers, she is best friends with girl 2.
    girl 7- brunette haired one, has a valley girl tone, green dress, pink trainers, loves looking good for the boys, especially the 5th grader with curly red hair.
    girl 8-blonde haired one, similar to girl 1, with a Red, White and Blue hair band (resembles France.) which means she was born and raised in France and moved to America when she was 4-years-old,with her mum, dad and her sister who is 2 years younger than her. that means she’s in 3rd grade. she speaks with a French accent.
    girl 9-brown haired one, pigtails, wears lipstick (pink) Green dress with a female cat on it. she wears a cowgirl hat (pink with glitter on it. Gold and Silver) she hates Helga G Pataki. she may have a crush on the 5th grader with the cowboy hat. He has a crush on her, went to the tunnel of love.
    girl 10-Blonde haired one, has pink clips on her hair, cobalt blue dress, has a vicious attitude towards the 4th graders especially towards Helga.
    girl 11-wears a Green, Blue and Pink striped dress with Japanese symbols, black hair, she was born and raised in Japan, she lives with her mum, her dad 2 sisters and 1 brother. one sister is 2 years younger than her the other is 3 years younger than her. and her brother is 4 years younger than her.
    her brother is in 1st grade with Gerald’s younger Sister. she moved to America when she was 5.
    girl 12-black haired one, wears purple dress, with pink hearts, black high heels, she loves martial arts, make up and sleepovers, she has an older brother who is in freshman year.
    girl 13- Red straight hair, with green and pink clips, has freckles, yellow dress with green crowns. her enemies are the 4th graders (the girls) hates Rhonda because she thinks she’s richer than her. hates Helga for being a brat, all the girls in her class girl 1-22 all hate Helga. Sid has a crush on her, but she has a crush on one of the boys in her class.
    girl 14-has black short hair similar to Rhonda’s, wears a Spring Green dress, she hates the 4th grade girls, especially Helga, she thinks all the boys from the 4th grade are adorable, except Harold who is ugly and stupid.
    girl 15-Red haired, wears a green and yellow dress, she speaks in a Italian accent, she was born and raised. moved to America at the age of 1. she has a younger sister in 2nd grade, she got her mischief streak of her older sister.
    girl 16-brown haired one, red dress, white trainers, with pink hearts, she has a crush on the 5th grader with red jumper, brown haired one. he has a crush on her too. them to have took a ride on the tunnel of love.
    girl 17-blonde haired, has a polish accent, wears a red and pink dress similar to Helga’s, also she moved to America when she was 3. her cousin (female) is in 1st grade.
    girl 18-black haired one, Australian accent, hates Helga, Rhonda, Harold, Stinky and Sid. she was born in Australia. moved to America at the age of 4. her cousins (male twins) are in the 2nd grade. possibly in the same class as Chocolate boy.
    girl 19-blonde hair, loves having her nails done. she hangs out with girl 2,3,5,7,8 and 10. she has a crush on the blonde haired 5th grader.
    girl 20-she is the enemy of Helga and the 4th grade girls, she has 1 sister, she’s in 1st grade.
    girl 21-brunette hair, straight hair, she loves hanging out with her friends, she thinks the one with cowboy hat and the one with the green hat are cute.
    girl 22-red hair, red and blue dress, she loves make up and being pretty. she loves putting lips on the boys. especially the one with the red jumper.

    • 3rd graders they are 8-years-old.

      Tommy-he’s the one who said haha to Gerald and Arnold for being in the trash cans. He’s scared that when he and his friends become 4th graders, they will be put in the trash cans.

      Julie-friends with Everyone in her class. She is the younger sister of Laura who’s in the 8th grade. She is scared of the 5th graders.

      Johnny-he’s friends with Tommy and Julie. He likes playing with them.

  39. Hey Arnold, the students in the 6th grade who are about 11 or 12

    the people in Maria, Connie, Tommy, Burt, Melvin, Simone, Cookie and Ruth McDougal’s class

    6th grade boy 1-wears a purple jumper, brown hair, jeans and black and white trainers. he loves listening to Rock music, he hates rules and losing. he scares the 5th graders, especially Wolfgang.
    6th grade girl 1- wears glasses, wears a blue dress, brown hair. sandals. always seen hanging out with Ruth. she loves make up, she hates homework.
    6th grade boy 2-African American, black haired, similar to Gerald’s and Jamie O’s hair, likes to be lazy at all times. seen wearing a white shirt and a tie similar to Burt’s, he speaks in a African accent.
    6th grade girl 2-red haired, similar to Ruth’s, wears a green dress, pink and blue high heels, Green, White and Red head band (resembles Italy) she was born there and moved to America when she was 4,
    6th grade boy 3-blonde haired one, wears a black jumper with a skull and cross bone. wears purple jeans, red sneakers. he hangs out with boy 1 and 2.
    6th grade girl 3-brown haired, wears green and blue, dress, she loves perfumes, she hates getting all dirty.
    6th grade boy 4-red haired, wears a green top, black jeans, he speaks with a Brooklyn accent.
    6th grade girl 4-black haired one, wears lipstick, blue dress, blue high heels.
    6th grade boy 5-brown haired one, wears a blue and red stripy jumper, green trousers, wears sun glasses.
    6th grade girl 5-brown curly haired, similar to Maria’s hairstyle, speaks in a Italian accent.
    6th grade boy 6-blonde haired, red and blue top, green shirt. loves being loud.
    6th grade girl 6-red haired, she has a crush on boy 2, since 2nd grade,

    6th grade boy 7-dark brown haired, he wears a green and pink jumper, with skulls on it, he will pick on the younger kids especially the 4th graders,
    6th grade girl 7-black haired one, talks in a Jamaican accent, she was born there, moved to America, since she was 5. she loves chicken. especially jerk chicken.

  40. Timberly’s class 1st Grade class. 6 or 7 years old

    Richard – he looks like Edmond from the 5th grade, so that means Edmond has a younger brother, who is smarter than him. they get along with each other. Edmond is smart, that’s he’s little secret.
    Timothy and Tommy- they are never seen without each other. they aren’t afraid to cause trouble towards the older kids, their enemies are
    Helga G Pataki, Maria, Connie, Harold, some of the 5th graders and Rhonda.
    1st grade (female)1 -she looks like a younger version of her older sister from 5th grade, she is friends with Timberly.
    Cheryl – she looks like Chloe, the girl who was causing trouble for Gerald and Jamie O in Gerald VS Jamie O. it’s revealed that Chloe has a brother in 4th grade. the little girl in Timberly’s class is Chloe’s cousin. she is Timberly’s sworn enemy. because of what her cousin did to her brother.
    Jenny -blonde haired, speaks in a valley girl tone, similar to her older sister (5th grader), she can get away with everything.
    Henry -he is the class clown in the 1st grade, he is best friends Billy, they are described as partners in crime. who are sneaky, clever and devious. they always hated Wolfgang, after taking their lunch money. they will always get back at him.
    Louise-she’s best friend of Timberly
    Billy -he is best friends with Henry
    Steven the Snitch-the brother of Mickey the Weasel, like his older brother he’s a double crosser. once Wolfgang ran after Henry, Billy and Richard. Steven saw them ran into the boys toilet, Steven told him they went into the other school, where 7th, 8th and 9th graders, are he saw Henry, he went in. instead Wolfgang got a beaten.
    note: Wolfgang knows that Edmond and Richard are brothers,
    Michael-he’s the younger brother of 6th grade boy 1- the relationship between the brothers is unknown.
    Charlie-he’s the prankster of the group, with Henry, Billy, and Richard, they are unstoppable. he’s arch enemy is Helga and Harold, he’d once beat Harold at sports day.
    female 1st grader 2-talks to female 1, and is seen chasing after Henry for pranking her.

    • I wish there was an episode where Helga gets bullied by the older girls from the fifth and sixth grade. Helga was going to throw a rotten tomato at Harold for throwing milk at her. But it accidentally hit Mary from the 5th grade. She got all her friends, but Maria stepped in and said. Give her 25 hours to live. And then you pound her. Everyone was shock, Helga was shock. Connie trained Mary to pound Helga. Connie said get ready to die Helga

  41. Chloe’s cousin Cheryl is in 1st grade, also her younger sister Tina is in 1st grade Cheryl and Tina both get along very well. They both bully Timberly. Her brother Kevin is in the 4th grade.

  42. I wish there was an episode where Rhonda competes against Simone the girl in the 6th grade.

  43. There just ideals for Hey Arnold season 6

  44. Hey Arnold for season 6, new kids in the fourth grade. 4 boys and 5 girls.

    Robert Wilson-blonde haired, wears a blue jumper with a yellow star on it. Red sneakers. He’s friends with Arnold, Gerald, Sid, Stinky, Joey, Rhonda, Eugene, Harold and the rest of his mates in his class. He has one older brother who is in the 7th grader.

    Kimmy McDonnell-red haired(pigtails) she wears a pink and red dress, pink shoes. She lives across Arnold’s house. Like her friends she’s nine. She is friendly towards Arnold. She has a crush on him.

    Damian Thrills-black haired, wears a red jumper with a black skull, blue jeans and black and white shoes. His the prankster of the group. He’s partner in crime is Randy Brown. Like all his friends they all hate the fifth graders. But he isn’t afraid to prank them.

    Tara Reynolds-black haired, green clip, wears a red and blue dress, green shoes. She wears a green ribbon on her head. She has a strong dislike for Rhonda and Helga.

    Randy Brown-red haired, wears a green jumper with a mischievous face (blue) he wears yellow trousers, blue sneakers. His partner in crime is Damian, them two have been friends since pre-school, like his best buddy, he isn’t afraid to prank the 5th graders.

    Nicole Rivers-blonde haired, wears a green and violet dress, pink shoes. She is the richest girl in the fourth grade. She is friends with Rhonda and Nadine.

    Michael Inwood-red haired, green and dark blue jumper, black trousers and green sneakers. He has 3 brothers and one sister, Tim is he’s older brother who is in the 9th grade, John his other brother in the 8th grade an Sean his other brother is in the 7th grade. And his baby sister Mona is a 1st grader.

    Bianca Turner-blonde haired, wears a red and blue dress. White shoes. She has an older sister who’s in the 9th grade.

    George Wellard-brown haired, wears a green and grey jumper, baige trousers, white and red sneakers. He hates the bullies especially the 5th graders.

    In the episode, Randy and Damian decided to play a joke on the 5th graders,

  45. The biggest issue that should be addressed, should season 6 ever happen, is to show how Arnold’s classmates deals with the information that Helga and Arnold are now somewhat dating. This should not be taken lightly, as Helga has previously terrorized everyone in her class, especially Arnold, it should be shown naturally that their classmates should not only be curious, but also be demanding answers because, despite what the audience may know, Arnold’s friends do not know what Helga has gone through and what they did to her, and so from their perspective, it does not make sense how someone who claims to love someone could hurt and bully him so. Naturally from curiosity, but also for a concern for Arnold, their classmates should ask for an explanation from both Helga and Arnold as to how this came about. Especially for Helga, despite what we know about her upbringing and her issues, it is still no excuse for what she did to Arnold throughout the series, or to everyone else. Given the show’s sense of realism, this should be addressed and allow to come back and haunt Helga, but especially give her two options. 1) this should allow for her to self reflect if whether or not she is right for Arnold. This was never addressed and despite that we as the audience know that they deserve and make a great couple, I think it should be worthwhile to see Helga reflect on this, perhaps even doubt it. 2) the classmates’ demand for answers should actually be a good opportunity for Arnold and Helga to show that Helga is not who everyone thought she was, precisely because no opportunity was given to her to ever open up and show her compassionate side. the students are much to blame for Helga’s behavior as her own parents and should be shown during this dramatic scene.

    The two people whom I think should lead the charge are Gerald and Rhonda because both have never liked Helga and because both will are the most likely candidates that will question their relationship, albeit for different reasons.

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