Ideas for Season 6 Episodes (Part 2)


Part 1 (#1 – 20) / Part 2 (#21 – 40)


Updated #26-27


21. In Nickelodeon’s earlier days, “Hey Arnold!” was the 2nd longest running series, with 100 episodes.  Because of its long saga, the cartoon was able to do something that many other cartoons weren’t: expand on its secondary characters, such as Stinky, Rhonda, Iggy, ect.  This is one of the reasons why “Hey Arnold!” is such a great series.  There are many other secondary characters who haven’t gotten their own episode yet, which leaves the door wide open for more episodes.  I recall Craig Bartlett saying he wanted to do an episode about Peapod Kid in one of those online interviews.  (If you can find the url of the specific interview he said that, that would be greatly appreciated).  Courtesy of Nefarious who brought this idea up.

22. Have the 4th grade students of P.S. 118 have a taste of what it’s like to walk in each other’s shoes when their newest school project is to switch houses and trade lives with one another!  Many pairings are possible, and with that comes many possible plotlines.  Go crazy with this plotline and see which pairings you like the best!  Some possible pairings are Arnold x Helga, Arnold x Phoebe, Rhonda x Stinky, and Gerald x Helga.  I would suggest picking out pairings that are the most contrasting, then there would be lots of room for comedy and character development.  Also, MeganKoumori has written a fanfic about this storyline with Arnold switching houses with Helga temporarily, so go check it out.  Courtesy to Hellerick who brought this idea up.

23. Hillwood City is full of urban legends.  What harm can another one do?

24. Big Bob Pataki is always watching “the Wheel”, which is presumably a variant of “Wheel of Fortune”.  What will happen if Bob gets to play in one of his favourite game shows?

25. How did Helga and Phoebe manage to become best friends?  Craig Bartlett once said in an interview that he would like to do an episode where we see them in preschool becoming best friends. 

26. As you know, the HA! sixth season would probably take place between “April Fool’s Day” (April 1) and “The Journal” (Oct 7).  This would mean that sometime in between those episodes, Arnold and the gang would actually turn into 5th graders.  How would their first day as fifth graders be like?

27. Some time in 2008, SquirrelTamer and several other HA! fan-artists collaborated to work on a possible HA/Nicktoon crossover, taking place in a fantasy world.  However, this project never got finished, and it would be a shame to let this work sit unfinished.  My question is: how well could this crossover idea be adapted into a HA! 6th season episode?  In order to do that, the fantasy world/story would have to be told from the perspective of the kids as 4th/5th graders.  And considering it was supposed to be an “epic tale”, this project, if it were animated, would probably be a 1 hour episode. 


Part 1 (#1 – 20) / Part 2 (#21 – 40)



  1. There could be an episode where Phoebe wants to go with Gerald to a movie, (ask him out), but she wants Helga to ask Arnold (or) Gerald for her, due to her fear of rejection and shyness.

    Gerald and Phoebe will be so busy on each other, that Arnold and Helga don’t know what to do for plans outside of school.

    Something along those lines I guess. 😛

  2. I like Bucky’s idea. : D

    (Yay, the first non-critical comment from me, whoo!)

  3. My favorite episode is “Arnold Visits Arnie”. Could you propose something concerning Hilda and/or Arnie?

    Something like “Road Trip: Finally There” (Helga comes to visit her grandparents in South Dakota and finds out that her cousin has a crush on Arnold’s cousin) or “Hilda visit Helga” (“Oh Helga, I don’t understand why you don’t like Arnold so much, he’s almost as cute as MY Arnold… You think I could ask him out?”)… Hm, probably the latter is better — I would like to see Arnold when he saw “the girl of his dreams” (literally).

  4. But… The girl of his dreams was technically Helga, lol. Hilda was a romantic and a sensitive one to boot. She just wasn’t all bully-like, the way Helga is. Arnold’s subconscious is getting to him, bahaha.

  5. There is a recently published story in Russian, it’s “Love Potion” by Ann-Rose:

    It’s about Helga becoming regular visitor of Madame Blanche’s shop: she tries several magic treatments to enchant Arnold, every time more expensive, but every time happens something she hasn’t expected, and the magic affects Brainy, not Arnold (every time Brainy becomes more and more annoying). Finally Helga manages to blow “magic powder” into Arnold’s face, only to find out that he’s allergic to it. Arnold gets sick and is sent home. Helga finds him and apologizes. Arnold accepts the apology, and suggests her to go to the park together (i.e. the magic powder worked — through Helga’s apology).

  6. Tendra: You might be able to find that exact chat at

    I have a few of them there… they are long and tedious to read through though.

  7. You meant

  8. Hellerick: Yeah, you’re right, I did. Sorry about that, I was trying to type fast because I had to get off the Internet quickly.

  9. I just thought of another episode. Well…maybe this should be for The Patakis, but Helga is doing a play, or a talent show (or some school event that Helga’s participating in, her time to shine if you will). At the same night, Olga has a big performance musical show, in which she’s a main character. But she cancels that, in order to show up for Helga’s thing. She wants to show Helga that she really does care for Helga. 🙂 This kind of proves it to Helga, she realizes that Olga does care. 🙂

    BTW, for us, MCAS exams are taken middle of April, or during May, so after April Fools’ Day, but before The Journal. 🙂

    Another thought, would be Arnold’s class’ transition to 5th grade, on their first day of school. 🙂 Then, they realize Mr. Simmons is their teacher AGAIN! 😛

    Maybe, Harold is getting poor grades again…enough to keep him back another year, or summer school?? Maybe Patty or Arnold can help him or something?

    Another idea, is Helga’s fear of rats, and Arnold tries to help her somehow. Or maybe he comforts her? 🙂

    Thirdly, in my state, grades 4-8 have to take an intense exam that takes a few days, called MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) Maybe Arnold’s class get’s prepared taking it, and they all have different ways of being stressed out. If Hillwood takes place in Washington, it could be called WCAS. LOL.

    Fourthly, ANOTHER visit from Olga? 🙂 As usual, Arnold advises Helga that things will be better this time, and in the end, it does. 🙂 I was thinking maybe Olga helps Helga with homework, or maybe Olga bails Helga out of something? I’m still deciding.

    Please post your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions. 🙂 I hope you like it so far. 🙂 😀

    • I liked the idea about Helga’s fear of rats.

      Washington’s version of a pointless state test is called the WASL (I don’t remember what the acronym stands for). I remember taking the WASL in the 4th grade and it was more boring than stressful. But our teacher did throw us a little party after the test was all over.

      • You know, I was just thinking about the comment I made before. I just wanted to clarify that I think the test is pointless, not your idea. It’s a good idea. Sorry if there was any confusion lol.

  10. Here’s a couple of ideas…

    I’m sure I read a fanfic where Big Bob’s Beepers goes broke and Helga has to move into the sunset arms…I think that’d make a great episode!

    Or…how about an episode where Arnold tries to help Curly become more normal, and goes to his house, meets his family…and ends up becoming slightly crazy himself? Maybe Arnold could end up with a bowl cut…

    Okay that idea sucks, but I think it’d be funny 😀

  11. Interesting ideas 🙂

    BTW, there was a guy on a Russian forum — he was seeking for Hey Arnold! episode. According to him it was about the gang organizing a band (Harold was on drums, Eugene played guitar etc.), but they failed because Rhonda had made ridiculous costumes for them (purple and futuristic). I suspect that this guy’s memories leaked from a parallel universe (maybe they have the sixth season there). It sometimes happens, e.g. I remember the prologue to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, even though it does not exist in this universe.

  12. The J.A.M. issued a challenge to the HA! community, it’s discussed here:

    He wants somebody to write a story in which Arnold and Helga end up stranded on a deserted island, similar to “Unrequited Love” by 1000th Ghost, but more focused on the island adventures, i.e. a kind of Robinsonade. I proposed the island to be the Elk Island, and gave some ideas about how I see it. BunniGirl liked the idea, she said she was going to use it in some of the later chapters of “Hey Let’s Switch Turns!”. She also pointed out:

    “Somehow being stranded on Elk’s Island is profoundly histerical because I can so image that happening in the actual series. The gang as usual gets on Elk’s, finds an abandoned cabin during the storm, and are stranded for a duration of time is so Craig Bartlett. I can even feel like it was meant to be season’s six predestined Halloween episode.”

  13. I have this vague idea… I can’t tell details but generally it’s something like this:

    Arnold meets a pleasant rich elderly couple (BTW, have you noticed that he’s friends with many rich and famous people?). He tells them about his life, school, and about a girl he likes very much — Lila. Once they hear Lila’s description, the couple becomes excited — they recognize in Lila their long lost granddaughter, and ask Arnold to organize their meeting.

    Arnold tells Lila about the news, and she’s shocked too — unpleasantly shocked. She tells Arnold that her maternal grandparents had disowned their daughter after she married a poor man — her father — instead of a rich guy they had in mind. After her mother died, her influential grandparents insisted Lila to stay with them, to live a rich life her mother repulsed, and were not letting her father to see her. Lila’s father had no other choice but “kidnap” her and flee on the other side of the country. For several years Lila and her father were traveling, too afraid to stay in the same place for too long. That’s until they decided it was safe already and they settled down in Hillwood. But now, thanks to Arnold, their location is revealed, and they would have to move again.

    Somehow an idea comes up when it’s remembered how well Helga was imitating Lila during “Helga’s Masquerade”.

    So, Arnold does organize the meeting of Lila and her grandparents, but instead of Lila he takes dressed up Helga. Helga loves it: she pretends to be Arnold’s girlfriend, and takes full advantage of it. Plus, she makes fun of Lila, mocking her behavior. Helga, pretending to be Lila, demonstrates all the faults and vices a girl can have — until “her” grandparents are fed up, and leave, stating that they don’t want to have anything in common with this girl, and they don’t want to see her ever again.

    Lila’s happy. And Arnold can’t help but repeat in mind all the flirty moments of the insane evening.

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