Recommended Fan-videos


The following is a list of fan-videos that I found were exceptionally well made: the song chosen perfectly reflects an aspect of “Hey Arnold!” that they are trying to show in their fan-videos, and the movie clips are appropriate and in sync with the song.

There are some with dead links.  However, I will still list them here in case they come back (let me know if you see one come back to life).  If you wish, you can look up and listen to the songs with dead links elsewhere.  They’re still good songs.

1. “Boom” by Trinket

2. “Objection (Tango)” by Shakira

3. “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

4. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

5. “All for You” by Sister Hazel

6. “Everything” by Michael Buble [dead link]

7. “Things I’ll Never Say” by Avril Lavigne

8. “Breathless” by the Corrs [dead link]

9. “Show Me Your Colours” by S Club 7

10. “Bump in the Night” by AllStars [dead link]

11. “Clueless” theme song

12. “Get Tangled up in Me” by Skye Sweetnam

13. “Famous Last Words” by Jars of Clay

14. “Hey Leornado”

15. “Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson:

16. “One week” parody by Weird Al

17. “1 2 3 4” by Fiest

18. Ardee’s Flash Videos 

The animation was made from scraps!  Criminey, Ardee’s got talent!



You can see more recommended HA! fan-videos on my YouTube Hey Arnold! Recommended Fan-videos



  1. These music videos are sooo cool!!
    Thank you for making this great list!

    I made one myself, maybe you like it too.
    You can add it to the list, if you want to 🙂

    Well, keep up the good work!

  2. I wish I could watch these. Especially the “Show Me Your Colours” one because I used to be a huge fan of S Club 7 and I really like that song. I agree that these songs definitely fit the show and characters too.

    I really love fanmade music videos and I used to make them for the Jimmy Neutron series (an online friend of mine even uploaded one of mine to YouTube at – with my permission of course), but now I have no clips to use for any show and I can’t watch them on YouTube or similar places because it takes forever for them to load on dial-up (Veoh is a sort of exception but only when downloading them into the VeohTV viewer). I wish people would realize that there are still dial-up users out there who would love to watch things like this that would really much rather benefit from downloading them than they would from trying to sit in front of their computer watching a little thing blink over and over as it says “buffering.” I know downloading is similar, but at least with it you can put it in the background and do something else while it downloads. The buffering tends to not want to be in the background when using a dial-up connection, so it slows it down even more.

  3. Assess my video please)

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